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A smashing smash smashed it up real good. Potato mashes never knew that it could be done this way, in that way they would have tried it years ago! Such a shame, but no blame. This is not a game. It’s all the same. Similarly the watermelons have forgotten to eat breakfast, it makes them kranky, wanky and spanky. Nobody told them about consent. There is a new word between yes and nose, it’s called cheek and the new consensus is that you turn the other cheek around, cheek it out. If you do so, someone might smash it.


Emmeli Person is an artist working within the framework of curatorial and critical learning practices. As an artist her work extends itself within the expanded field of new materialistic thinking and embraces a phenomenological approach to the objects we sometimes call art. Her research and practice organizes itself in playful and speculative ways, as it looks at how we collectively can challenge and re-tell our ecological and phenomenological realities.


Based in Stockholm she was recently the Curator of Learning at Index Foundation, where she lead Going to an exhibition in characterParrot School and Index Teen Advisory Board, as well as being a Curator for Film i Samtidskonsten


Emmeli works extensively with artistic and educational platforms and have been a guest lecturer at Stockholm University, Konstfack University for Arts and Craft and Ölands Konstskola. From 2020-22 Emmeli is a participant of the Critical Theory and Art Praxes program at the Dutch Art Institute. 


Performance: Withering worms wander, wording worlding warning, weather winds wait

Sanctuari Lluc, Mallorca

June 17, 2021

Guest teacher: On the Rocks
Kungliga Konsthögskolan

October - November 2021

Residency, Kurant 

Tromsø Fylke, Norway

October 2021

Course: School of Fish: Hacking Herring Heritage

Tromsø Art Academy


August 30, 2021

Performance: Expectation, Exploration and Excavation went for a walk: Postteater, Arnhem.

Program: C as in Collective, C as in Care, C as in Contaminated: Tensta Konsthall 

Junly, 2021

Bondage with grass: An ecosexual engagement, Performing Arts Forum, St Erme

June 7, 2021

Workshop: Breathing with Belugas
Performing Arts Forum, St Erme

May 12, 2021

Soil Symposium

Accelerator, Stockholms University

April 2021

Guest teacher: Response-Agility, Ölands Designskola

March 2021

Guest teacher: Reading Kinships, Ölands Konstskola

March 2021

Lecture: C as in Collective, C as in Century, C as in Claire 

Tensta Konsthall 

February 2021

Talk: Look at Looking and Observing Observers

FLOCK projects in collaboration with Publics Helsinki

30-31 January 2021

Going to a conference: In character

Index Foundation

12 December 2020

Performance: My mouth is here
Oratory Services at
Rib, Rotterdam

21 November 2020

Performance: Toungue Twisters
Oratory Services at
Rib, Rotterdam

21 November 2020

Performance: Is the egg the chicken or the container?
Buitencenter, Appeldoorn.